Foundation and Concrete work

Foundation and Concrete Work

Foundations and Concrete Work

Foundations and concrete work

Hiding concrete under other flooring materials is a waste of resources and money, particularly when concrete can be customized with a number of decorative looks to match any décor. Coloring, staining, stamping, stenciling and polishing are a few of the many options for customization. For more classic design, concrete is an extremely versatile material that can mimic the look of many traditional textiles, such as tile, slate, or wood.

Concrete floors are more energy efficient because of their ability to retain heat. Environmentally conscious home owners can harness the power of solar radiation in the winter to absorb heat and keep the home warmer. During the summer months, shaded concrete floors will help keep the home cool, reducing air-conditioning costs. Concrete is also more efficient to install than other flooring options, with quantities measured and mixed locally to minimize waste and transportation costs.

Unlike carpeting, concrete floors won’t absorb dust, chemicals, pet hair, and other allergens. Concrete helps improve air quality within the home and is a better option for people with allergies or sensitivity to chemicals.

Long-lasting exposed concrete flooring saves money on initial development costs, as additional flooring does not need to be purchased to cover the concrete. Concrete flooring also saves money on maintenance costs, as it does need to be replaced like other flooring options and cleaning costs are minimal.

Life Span
As opposed to carpet, tile, wood, and other flooring options, concrete does not need to be replaced numerous times throughout the life of the building. Properly installed and sealed concrete is highly durable and long-lasting

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