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One reason for the fast growth of the steel building industry is the fact that steel building manufacturers have created prefabricated systems for a wide range of applications. Steel buildings used to be limited to storage facilities and aircraft hangers. Now, steel is used very successfully for structures as small as toll booths and vending machine shelters, and as large as barns and agricultural facilities, work shops, sports facilities, even churches and retail centers. Steel buildings are frequently used in larger buildings like commercial aircraft hangers and sports arenas, where a large clearspan space is required. (Clearspan is an interior space of a building where the roof is supported by the bordering structural walls and framework, and not with columns.)

Steel provides some other benefits in many circumstances. Generally speaking, prefabricated steel buildings can also be erected more quickly than traditionally constructed buildings. Assuming that the prefabricated kit does not require significant customizing, the project’s design phase is reduced considerably with the use of the steel building system. While this is true for the design phase, site preparation and construction phases for larger steel buildings are normally comparable with similarly sized tilt-up structures.

Perhaps the main reason for the expanding use of steel buildings is construction cost. Assuming that the building fits the parameters and limitations of what is appropriate for steel, prefabricated steel building kits are generally less expensive than custom-designed structures built using traditional construction or even tilt-up construction. Also, with the use of finishes, facades and other wall claddings, builders can craft beautiful facilities that avoid the traditional “tin shed” look associated with steel buildings.

For smaller warehouse, industrial and commercial projects, particularly those under 50,000 square feet, these benefits make steel buildings an extremely attractive alternative for the cost-conscious building owner. Also, steel buildings are frequently the right choice for larger buildings where a large clearspan space is required.

512deVeloping can help you navigate through your decision for a metal building, we have relationships with the major United States Steel building manufacturers. Whether you want to design you own modern metal building, or you would like the efficient and big savings value in prefabricated buildings. We are able to get you the best price and erect your new industrial strength metal building that will be a landmark on your land for as long as you live!

green design steel building

green design steel building


512deVeloping “green” steel buildings are built to reduce environmental impacts by bringing together a vast array of practices and techniques to take advantage of renewable resources. The green building techniques that have been utilized include:

•Solar reflectance and reliability through the use of special coatings which protects against non-uniform weathering and reduces energy loads on buildings due to long-term, bright surface that helps heat reflectivity. This special coating typically maintains the EPA solar reflectance requirement of 0.65 on newly -manufactured buildings and the minimum of 0.50 on roofs over three years for age. We only use coated steel that has been approved by the ENERGY STAR program, both for low-slope and high-slope applications
•Emphasis on taking advantage of renewable resources such as use of sunlight through solar powered energy sources

•Green buildings often include measures to reduce energy use and increase efficiency of the building envelope (the barrier between conditioned and unconditioned space) by using high efficiency windows and insulation
•Orientation of windows, walls, awnings, and porches to maximize solar gain in the winter by providing more natural light and lessen the need for electric lighting during the day
•On-site renewable energy through solar power, wind power, hydro power or biomass significantly reducing the environmental impact of the building
•Reduce impact on wells and water treatment plants. Several options exist for “Greywater”, a process which takes waste water from sources such as dish-washing for use in irrigation. Rainwater collectors are used for similar purposes.

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