Full Brick Houses are Cooler in Summer

Cool relief. That’s the feeling you get entering a full brick home on a hot summer day. The dense mass of full brick walls absorbs and stores heat energy, delaying the passage of heat through the wall. That’s why a full brick wall stabilises internal temperatures, “ironing out” the highs and lows.

Full Brick Houses are Warmer in Winter

In winter, the inner layer of a full brick wall comes into its own, absorbing, storing and slowly releasing heat that is generated inside the house. As the temperature falls the brickwork slowly releases the stored heat into the house. The result is a natural level of comfort without having to constantly resort to heating.

Full Brick Houses are a Haven of Quiet

Your new full brick home will be a haven of quiet in an increasingly noisy world. The two brick layers in a full brick wall create a very effective barrier to external sounds. Brick partition walls between rooms or zones of the house reduce the spread of sound within the house.

Full Brick Houses are Solid, Safe and Secure

Safety and security rates highly with full brick home owners. They appreciate the solid construction, high level of natural comfort, and the fire resistance of brickwork. Unlike some building materials, bricks do not give off any gases or chemicals, binders. More reasons to breathe easy with full brick.

Full Brick Houses are Low-Maintenance

It’s a given that brickwork is a solid form of construction, that lasts a lifetime and longer. Full brick takes this legendary durability to another level. It not only resists the bumps and scrapes of everyday life with the most minimal maintenance and also provides the framework for generations of additions and extensions.

Full Brick Houses are Termite Resistant

Full brick home owners sleep soundly knowing that the chewing sound in the middle of the night is not termites but just one of the kids raiding the fridge. That’s because full brick walls on a slab dramatically reduce the amount of structural timber, especially at the vulnerable ground level.

Full Brick Houses are Timeless

It takes time, experiences and memory before a ‘house’ becomes a ‘home’. The solidity and comfort of a full brick house will linger in your family’s collective memory. Full brick houses are built to last. In years to come your full brick house will stand out as ‘home.’

Full Brick Houses are a Unique Investment

Full brick houses attract a premium price over a ‘comparable’ brick veneer. But you don’t have to wait for that to reap the financial rewards of full brick, including low maintenance, no repainting of face brickwork, and the potential of lower heating and cooling bills.

Interior Brick Walls Provide a Beautiful Look for Your Home

Why would anyone want a brick wall inside their home? There are many things you can do to create a look that is warm and appealing, and brick walls are one of them. Consider that brick walls won’t tear or get holes in them as sheet rock can. Imagine how durable they are. Decorating is easy, and your home will have a unique, beautiful look that all of your friends will envy.

Tile a Portion of your Brick Wall for an Original Look

You can actually use stone or mosaic tiles to spruce up plain brick walls! Apply them around the ceiling as you would a wallpaper border for a distinctive look or tile the brick wall beginning halfway up and continue to the ceiling. This helps break up the solid appearance of the wall and add further interest. If you have a fireplace that is surrounded by brick, consider adding a wood mantle above the fireplace as a focal point. The mantle is a great place for displaying family photos, greenery and scrumptiously scented candles!

Painting Interior Brick Surfaces

If you want to paint old brick that has been in your home for years, you can get an entirely new and different look. Simply brush off the bricks with a stiff-bristled brush to remove dirt and dust and then apply a primer. The best paints to use on bricks are latex and cement-based paints. Avoid using epoxy, rubber and oil-based paints which can give off vapors for some time.

For a truly original look, create designs as you paint. For example, you may want to paint rectangles, squares or pyramid shapes as you go, simply by using a different color paint that blends with the rest of your decor.

Create any Look from Modern to Rustic

Not only is brick sturdy and durable, it’s also fire proof, which is why many people like to use it on the interior of their homes. Left their natural colors, bricks in brown and red shades add a rustic touch to the decor. For those who like a more modern, contemporary appeal, bricks can be painted any color you like, and you can even create patterns to add further interest.

Hanging Wall Decorations on Brick Walls

Many people do not have brick walls in their homes simply because they assumed they would not be able to hang pictures and other wall art. With brick, you simply use concrete screws and lead anchors to hold shelves or other wall decor that may be heavy, such as large paintings. You can also find picture hangers that are designed for use in concrete and brick.

Final Thoughts

Brick walls can add a cozy, old-world charm to the room or a colorful abstract look for those who prefer a more modern appeal. Considering they last forever and don’t have to be painted every few years like sheet rock walls, brick walls offer many beautiful benefits to the inside of your home, as well as the outside! For a uniquely different approach to interior décor, give brick walls a chance – you’ll be surprised at just how exquisite it looks.

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